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Old Town Hall Bamberg - Copyright: TKS

The UNESCO world cultural heritage town of Bamberg offers its visitor not only culinary specialties like Original Schlenkerla Smokebeer, but also a wide range of cultural highlights. The majority of these can be booked through the Bamberg Tourism Board. The operator is also offering a booking system for the city.

Well known in Bamberg are the Cathedral (Dom) of emperor Heinrich II, the Alte Hofhaltung, the New Residence, the Old Town Hall in the water, the Bamberg Symphonic Orchestra and Little Venice. Further attractions include the international art house "Villa Concordia", the E.T.A. Hofmann theater, the Rose Garden, the "Obere Pfarre" (the 2nd cathedral of Bamberg), the castle "Altenburg" and the old hospital with city archive, and more.

Bamberger Symphonic Orchestra

After WWII, fate brought together some members of the Prague Symphonic Orchestra in Bamberg. They decided to continue their profession here and thereby founded the nowadays worldfamous Bamberg Symphonic Orchestra.

Venice Gondola

With the gondola through the city of "Little Venice".


The biggest festival in Bamberg - in the middle of the old part of town, conveniently around Schlenkerla in August.

Organ concert in the Cathedral

Experience the icon of Bamberg in a different way. The accoustics in the high cathedral are remarkable. And after the concert: A pint of Smokebeer at Schlenkerla!

Bamberg Cathedral
Bamberg Cathedral - Copyright TKS

Underworld of Bamberg

The hills of Bamberg are undermined by an extensive tunnel-system, carved out as long as seven centuries ago. Food was stored down there and the Bamberg breweries lagered and matured their beer in these tunnels. Today, Schlenkerla is the last brewery to preserve this tradition. Discove the labyrinth in a tour offered by the Tourism Board.

Annual First Tapping of Urbock

Fall is bockbeer time in Bamberg. Starting October, almost every weekend one of the breweries has the corresponding "First Tapping" - a festival, not just for residents of Bamberg. The Schlenkerla First Tapping always takes place on the first thursday in October - if this day happens to be the 3rd Oct. (holiday), the First Tapping is one week later.


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