Tavern: Menu, Food

Tradition and quality are most important at the Schlenkerla brewery tavern. We offer you franconian specialties which are made freshly every day, and hence it is possible, that some dishes are sold out before kitchen closes (10 p.m.).

Breakfast (in German: "Frühschoppen" 9.30-11.30 a.m.)

Bamberg-style sausages with Sauerkraut and bred

White pudding ("Weißwurst") with brezel and sweet mustard
for this dish we recommend our Schlenkerla Smoked Wheat

Lunch examples (starting 11:30 hours) daily changing dishes, i.e.

Franconian beernuckles with fried potatoes

Beef with horseradish and a roll

Pork with Sauerkraut and potatoes

Bamberg-style onion with Smokebeer sauce and mushed potatoes

plus various seasonal dishes

Please note:
all Schlenkerla dishes are prepared freshly every day, therefore some dishes might be sold out before kitchen closing time

Sundays additionally: various roasts

Brotzeit (starting 14:30 hours)

Daily soup

Schlenkerla - Cheese

3 Bamberg-style sausages with sauerkraut

Grand salad

Brewer's vespers (Franconian mixed "Brotzeit-"dish)

Steak tartare with bread

Liverwurst with pickles and bread


Beer, Wine and other Drinks