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Please contact us for reservations; on weekends - especially for larger groups - we recommend an early request, as Bamberg (and Schlenkerla) are very crowded then.

Old Inn (in German: "Altes Lokal")

Altes LokalThe wooden beams of the low ceiling used to be painted with ox-blood for protection. Over the centuries they thereby obtained their dark color. At the walls there are numerous historic engravings of Bamberg, like the "World Chronicle of Schedel" from the year 1493 and in addition the line of ancestors of the Trum/Graser family.

  • first mentioned in 1405
  • approx. 70 seats
  • reservations only for small groups

Altes LokalAltes Lokal


KlauseThe "Klause" used to be the house chapel of the dominican monastery and was used for daily prayer. During secularization the monastery was closed down and all its buildings were nationalized by the state of Bavaria. The Klause was then later on sold to the Trum/Graser family. Clerical atmosphere with fantastic gold leaf ground paintings on the arched ceiling.

  • from the year 1310
  • approx. 60 seats

Bamberg Room

  • Bamberger Zimmerin the former dominican monastery
  • approx. 85 seats
  • large reservations possible

Old-german room (in German: "Altdeutsches Zimmer")

  • Altdeutsches Zimmerquiet room for smaller groups
  • max. 17 seats

Ulanen Chamber

  • former wardroom of the Royal Bavarian Rider Division (Ulanen), part of the former Dominican Monastery of Bamberg
  • 35 seats

Beer garden

  • In "Dominikanerhof", former Dominican monastery
  • open wheather permitting
  • approx. 65 seats, reservations not possible


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