Building history of Schlenkerla

Upon the restoration of the Schlenkerla facade in 2013 in cooperatoin with the university of Bamberg a master thesis was put out to tender to thoroughly investigate on the building history of Schlenkerla. Once completed, this works will be published here. In addition here is a list of the more recent renovations and restorations at Schlenkerla:

Schlenkerla outside view


Year Activity / Measure
1387 first documentation of the estate on Oberer Stephansberg, where today the brewery and the historic lagerings are situated; already in that year it was owned by a brewer
1405 first documentation of the Schlenkerla building as "house of the blue lion"
1920er Schlenkerla beer cellar (i.e. beer garden) is closed, as were almost all other Bamberg beer gardens due to the economic decline after World War I
1926 lease and restoration of the Dominikanerklause
1930er a new brewhouse is constructed on part of the site of the former beer garden
1958 building of new malt silos
1959 building of a depo for beech wood logs
1960 purchase of the Dominikanerklause together with the "house under the storks"
1962 new germination boxes
1963 new lagering tanks for the historic cellars underneath the Schlenkerla brewery
1964 new machinery for bottling
1964 opening of the Bamberg room
1965 new main fermentation facility
1966 purchase of the former sick bay building of the Bamberg dominican monastery
1972 construction of barley and malt silos
1974 new toilet facilities and a new kitchen for the brewery tavern
1979 modernisation of the brewhouse
1988 modernisation of the main fermentation
2006 measure of the cellars underneath Schlenkerla reveals, that they are in part from 12th century
2007 opening of the Schlenkerla beer garden in the former yard of the dominican monastery
2008 new lagering vessels for the historic cellars underneath Schlenkerla brewery
2009 new toilet facilities for the brewery tavern
2010 new kitchen for the brewery tavern
2010 opening of the Ulanenzimmer
2011 restoration of the historic ceiling painting in the Dominikenerklause
2011 new machinery for cleansing of wooden barrels and cleansing plus filling of metal kegs
2012 separate main top fermentation for Schlenkerla wheat
2012 new filtering cellar ein neuer Filterkeller
2013 restoration of the Schlenkerla facade
2014 new lagering vessels for the historic cellars underneath Schlenkerla brewery
2015 the gallery of ancestral portraits and the historic "L├╝sterweibla" are restored
2016 new fermenting vessels and a yeast management system
2018 new pressure tanks and a new automatic bottle inspector for the filling line

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