Historical depictions, guild signs and symbols of the brewing and malting handcraft


  1. Reason for research
  2. Historical background
    1. Overview brewing history
      1. Excerpt: historical malting technology
    2. Beer types in the middle ages
    3. Social structure in the middle ages
    4. Formation of guilds
  3. Medieval brewers in pictures
    1. Housebook of family Mendel
    2. Houseboock of family Landauer
    3. Conclusion
  4. Tapping signs
    1. History of hospitality
    2. Overview of various tapping signs
    3. A mystery: the hexagram
      1. History of the star of david
      2. Origin and antique meaning of the hexagram
      3. Why a hexagram as brewer's sign?
      4. Jewstar and brewing star - an independet development?
  5. Conclusions
  6. Outlook