Historical depictions, guild signs and symbols of the brewing and malting handcraft


It was the aim of the thesis to interpret the various historic brewer depictions know today in the context of the social situation in the middle ages.

Research revealed, that the well know and often quoted image of Herttel Pyrprew [131] does by no means show a monk, but a member of a craftmen "old age home", and that he was very likely a city employee of Nürnberg. The other depiction in that house book were also put into context.

In addition the thesis indicates that, although the hexagram was an alchemistic symbol, it is questionable, whether the brewing star originated from the alchemstic background. It is much more likely, that the six pointed star was a protection symbol, which over time established itself as common beer symbol in southern Germany. The connection between brewing and alchemy may have been induced by a too modern point of view.

On this basis it last but not least seems possible, that there in fact is a connection between jew star and brewing star: its function as protection symbol. While for the jews the military shield, or the Shield of David, was important, the brewers wanted to avert fire and demons with it.

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[131] Siehe Abbildung 7