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Original Schlenkerla Smokebeer for you at home

Although Schlenkerla Smokebeer is originally from Bamberg, today it is available at many places outside Franconia. Please choose from the following:

Retailers in Germany
An overview of all to us known Schlenkerla places in Germany. (in german only)
Mailorder - Schlenkerla Shop
Schlenkerla Webshop with postal service directly to your residence in Germany or the European Union.

Mailorder to Non-EU countries is sometimes possible through retailers: Australia, Switzerland (enter "Schlenkerla" as search paramter), United Kingdom, USA

Please note:
Direct orders from outside Europe are not possible, as the extremely varying rules and regulations on shipping and customs for alcoholic beverages (such as beer) prevent a practicable handling. Hence please refer to our list with international Schlenkerla retailers.

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